Lubo Smid

Lubo Smid

Co-founder & CEO of STRV. Forbes 30 under 30. Startup minded entrepreneur passionate about cutting-edge technology and adventurous lifestyle.


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Lubo Smid is the co-founder & CEO of STRV, a software design & engineering company that develops products not just for Silicon Valley's hottest startups, but also other well established brands all over the US and UK. Lubo is a startup-minded entrepreneur that has been awarded as a member of Forbes 30 under 30 & Forbes Technology Council.

His professional life is shaped by his rich technical background, passion for cutting-edge technology and the fact that he does not distinguish between work life and free time. With a deep connection to the US market, he is in charge of scaling STRV's global business with clients like Hallmark, Boosted and Microsoft as well as spinning off the company's numerous startups within STRV Labs.

Lubo currently lives in Prague and spends most of his time traveling between STRV's other offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London. When he is not hosting Silicon Valley Insights, an event which brings people from around the world to Prague to educate the local tech community, he enjoys working out and a bunch of other sports like surfing or snowboarding. In these activities, just like in his professional ones, Lubo aims to push his personal boundaries as his motto is "living on the edge".


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