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Safe or Brave #11 Pavel Kacerle - From Parents Basement VFX Studio To Working For Lucasfilm & Marvel

In this episode of Safe or Brave podcast, I have met in Prague with Pavel Kacerle, a founder of soccer live streaming game called Live Penalty and a world-renowned VFX artist.

Safe or Brave #10 Richard Valtr - Disrupting The Hospitality Tech Space With Over $30M In Investment

Check out the new episode of Safe or Brave podcast. Backed by 30M dollars, Mews Systems and its founder, Richard Valtr, are determined to change the world.

Safe or Brave #9 David Siegel - What It Takes To Quit Microsoft And Start Your Own Business

Next up in Safe or Brave podcast I have travelled to San Francisco to meet with David Siegel, a founder and CEO of Glide.

Safe or Brave #8 Keoni Hudoba - Life Journey Of The Toughest Barry's Bootcamp Trainer I Met

In this episode of our Safe or Brave podcast, I flew to New York City to chat with my good friend and Barry's Bootcamp Chief Instructor Keoni Hudoba.

Safe or Brave #7 Ryan Ogle - Building Tech Of The Worlds Biggest Dating App Tinder And More

In this episode of Save or Brave podcast, I'm chatting with the former CTO of Tinder and founder & CEO of Arimus, a startup put together by former Tinder colleagues to launch new exciting mobile products to the market.

Safe or Brave #6 Kemar Newell - How building a sneaker marketplace answered a billion $ question

A thousand ’no’s can be the perfect road to a ‘yes.’ Safe or Brave podcast with Kemar Newell, the founder and CEO of sneaker app Flip.

Safe or Brave #5 Rasty Turek - Building A Company Processing 4x The Amount Of Data On All YouTube

In this episode, Pex’s CEO tells us how the company became a legit market maker in data by identifying audiovisual content better and faster than Shazam.

Safe or Brave #4 Jan Sladecko - Leaving His Job At The Mill To Rediscover The Joy Of Motion Design

Super excited about this episode, where I got to chat with Jan Sladecko, an LA-based motion designer at the top of his game and a good friend.

iOS 13: Top App Features You Should Consider Implementing, And Why

If you want an increase of up to 800% in downloads, get your app featured by the Apple App Store.

Safe or Brave #3 Marcel Krajca - How Far Can 100 Euros Take You

Next up in Safe or Brave podcast we have the Marcel Krajca, Vice President at Barclays focused on digital innovation.

Safe or Brave #2 Martin Plasek - Solving Your Own Problems Makes The Best Business Idea

With this episode of Safe or Brave podcast, we are flying into the UK to meet with Martin Plasek, a London-based photographer and co-founder of HAPACA Studio.

Safe or Brave #1 Wim Stocks - The Guy That Is Turning Gamers Into Millionaires

In this episode I had a chance to talk to the general manager and CEO at WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague Wim Stocks.

I'm finally starting my podcast Safe or Brave

Hello everybody, I have recently started a podcast and I'm more than happy to share it with my network. It's about all the things that I like and enjoy from technology, business to lifestyle.

Point FM Radio Podcast (in Czech)

Tune in to listen to the podcast I did for Marek Kriz's Point FM Radio where I talk about the benefits of ketogenic diet, all kinds of different sports activities including Barry's Bootcamp, traveling, biohacking as well as running a business at STRV and not getting crazy after all.

Apple iPhone Xs Max Unboxing

Finally, it's here! The unboxing of the new Apple iPhone Xs Max.

Five Strategies For Recruiting Top Talent In A Competitive Tech Market

There’s never been a better time to be a software engineer. The global IT market is growing at such a lightning pace that the thinning labor pool can’t seem to replenish itself fast enough to meet the colossal demand.

Scaling Presents New Business Opportunities For Tech Companies

What sets really great tech companies apart from the competition is their insatiable drive for innovation. Once they find success, they don’t just hit cruise control and sit back on their haunches. Instead, they actively seek out opportunities to widen their niche.

iPhone X and Why It’s a Big Leap Forward for App Developers

From the point of view of a developer, getting more real estate for your device while maintaining its size is always welcome. Making the UI super-intuitive and replacing a tap activity with fast gestures can dramatically improve the smoothness of using the device.

Picking Your Mobile Solution: Should You Build A Native App Or Stick With Responsive Web Design?

It’s the new dilemma facing companies looking to beef up their mobile presence: To build a native app or stick with responsive web design. I've stopped counting the number of times I've been asked this question in the decade I've been running a mobile and web development studio.

Prototyping Your Mobile App: Three Options To Explore

All great ideas start with a single prototype, whether it is the iMac, the Tesla Roadster, or a mobile app you believe has the ability to change the world.